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The CCCN links a group of researchers interested generally in cognitive neuroscience, neurocomputational theory and neuromorphic systems. More specifically, our interests cover a wide range including single cell recordings, modelling of single neurons and simple nervous systems, vision, audition, face perception, schizophrenia, evolutionary algorithms and Information Theory (current research projects). We are based mostly in Computing Science and Mathematics and Psychology at the University of Stirling, Stirling, Scotland, UK (contact information).

Meetings tend to be informal and are normally held in the Psychology Common Room (3A92), Cottrell Building at 4pm most Mondays. Check the event schedule for further details (meetings may occasionally be re-scheduled to the CCCN in Cottrell 2A35 or start at a different time). All are welcome to attend. The meetings last for about an hour and coffee is available. If you wish to receive regular postings of events, you can be added to email distribution list.

A list of speakers sent out on a weekly basis and also posted on the Events page. You may be added to the events email list if you wish.

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